What Happened To MobileManDan?

What Happened To MobileManDan?

What an annoying time to be me, I have ran my own MobileManDan site for well over a year now and in that time covered plenty of device reviews, travel coverage including my amazing trip to New York.

Well let’s just say backing up your data in case anything was to happen is something I often suggest others do, but did not do myself.

This has meant thanks to some lovely people hacking my site I ended up with nothing left and no way to recover my work.

My lovely hosts Fasthosts have been very unhelpful with so many issues recently I have now made the move to a new host and will continue here.

The plan is to update this full of news and reviews and get my name back out there.

To all the brands who have helped me in the past, thank you and hopefully I can repay my gratitude in some great coverage for you here.

I have lots to post already lined up including some great reviews so keep coming back to check them out.