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Pixel to come in more colours?

The Pixel 4 might well just be the most leaked phone of all time with daily leaks giving more and more away.

For diehard Android fans, the Pixel launch is the equivalent to the iPhone launch for Apple fans, and gives us all the new services Google has been working on.

We just had an email from UK accessory site Mobile Fun who have had more information about a range of device colours, and it is an interesting read.

The colours are set to be called Maybe Pink’, ‘Slightly Green’, ‘Sky Blue’ and ‘Really Yellow’ and looks set to take on Apple with their colourful iPhone 11 range just launched.

Before now we knew of a Black, White and an Orange version thanks to the leaks, but these colours are now in addition to the ones we knew of.

We are just days away from the Made by Google event on the 15th where we will finally know all the details.

Check back on the 15th for all the information announced and hopefully not too long, a hands on with the devices.

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