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Black Shark 2 launches in the UK

Gaming on your smartphone has never been as popular as it is today, with key titles such as PUBG and Fortnite making a fortune in revenue since they launched, it is easy to see that gaming is no longer limited to console sales.

Black Shark had a great device in their first version last year, but have come back stronger with the Black Shark 2, and the great news is you can pick one up in the UK right now!

With an impressive spec list featuring a Snapdragon 855 Processor, 8GB RAM, 4000mAh battery and a dual camera setup complete with 48 Megapixel lens, you get a very well packed smartphone.

Other key specs include 128GB of storage, 6.39 inch Full HD display and a front facing 20 Megapixel camera for selfies or video calling

Anyone in the UK wanting purchase one for yourself can from the official site here for £479 unlocked and SIM free for you to use your own network of choice.

Whilst the Black Shark 2 information showed two colours, it looks like for now you only have the option of Black, but that still looks pretty cool.

Over on their official site you also have the option of purchasing a decent looking headset, and also some gaming controllers turning your Black Shark 2 into a real gaming machine.

The best news for anyone wanting to find out more about this new smartphone, I have one on the way to review so will be bringing you my initial thoughts as soon as I get my hands on it.

Until then here is the press information beloew


Black Shark sets the new definition of mobile gaming #bestDPSever

Beijing, 18th March 2019 – Cutting-edge gaming technology company, Black Shark announces today the arrival to the Chinese market of its new gaming device for gamers, the Black Shark 2.

Based on hardware, software and services, Black Shark is committed to
building a strong gaming eco-system. Boasting unrivaled innovations, the latest addition to the Black Shark family aims to provide an unmatched gaming experience.

According to Peter Wu, Founder & CEO at Black Shark:

“Black Shark is a gaming company, composed of passionate gamers. Be sure that developing the best gaming experience will always lead our path”.


Gaming Performance, Gaming Control, Vision, Hearing and Vibration are 5 leading aspects Black Shark 2 as the best mobile gaming device.

Equipped with the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, up to 12+256GB.
Direct touch liquid cooling system 3.0: Black Shark 2 features the 1st and only direct touch multilayer liquid cooling system in the world.

This direct touch liquid cooling system allows heat board dissipation, and covers all heat areas, 14 degrees lower on the CPU’s temperature which represents the best result in the industry.

Ludicrous Mode: This mode is similar to turning your car into “Sport mode”. When Ludicrous mode is on, Black Shark 2 will release all the CPU power for supporting gaming performance without dropping frames and Black Shark 2 with Ludicrous mode is the only device in the world which can achieve this (test for 2 hours with Ludicrous Mode on, Green line is Black Shark 2’s frames).

Fast charge even when gaming: 27w fast charge, 5 minutes charging for 30 minutes playing and 10 minutes charging for 1 hour playing. And Black Shark 2 can allow gamers to play and charge at the same time, playing PUBG for 30 minutes, charging for 15%.

Battery Endurance: With 4000mAh, the battery can withstand intense gaming sessions of up to 5 hours, and the battery life is 60% longer than others.

X+2 Antenna: always online: Fitted with an X-type Smart Antenna and two side Antennas, the Black Shark 2 benefits from a 360 degree strong connection, regardless of phone orientation.

Shark Space-Immersive Gaming mode: World’s 1st one-key access to the immersive gaming world. When this mode is on, it clears up all the memories on the back, so gamers can focus solely on gaming Gamers just need to pull down the Game Dock to customize their settings without leaving the game.

When turning on the Performance Dashboard, they can monitor their gaming framerate and system temperatures in real time. Finally, gamers can also set up their performance in Gamer Studio.

World Lowest latency screen touch: This new device features the world’s lowest latency screen touch . Gaming has never been more fluid, with the fastest response speed of only 43.5ms helping gamers to improve their gaming competitive edge (reference: iPhone 45ms, S10 the 2nd fastest among Android Phone is 60 ms).

The world most advanced Master Touch: With the “Master Touch” innovation, gamers will be able to press firmly on both left and right customized touch zones to trigger multiple on- screen actions with just two thumbs. This Master touch could also allow you to save at least
80ms for shooting during a FPS game.

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