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EE and Vodafone announce new iPad Pro pricing

Today is a busy day for Apple and all the mobile networks, not only has the Purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini been released, we now have preorders on the new iPad Pro.

There was a huge announcement at the recent event with the new Pro models now running the impressive M1 processor and advantages over the older processor.

Apple announced two models both the 11 inch and a 12.9 inch model along with a range of accessories including a keyboard case.

So far we have had emails from both EE and Vodafone confirming their pricing and the fact pre orders have started today so you can order your one right now.

Below is the press releases from both networks with more information.


The 11” iPad Pro 5G and 12.9” iPad Pro 5G are available on a range of EE 5G price plans. Please see below for example offers with the full price plan range available at ee.co.uk/newipad.

  • 11” iPad Pro 5G 128GB is available with no upfront on a £54 per month Essential Plan with 2GB data
  • 12.9” iPad Pro 5G 128GB is available with no upfront on a £67.50 per month Essential Plan with 2GB data

Additional features for iPad customers on EE

  • EE customers who purchase an iPad will receive six months free access to Apple News+
  • EE customers who pre-order an iPad Pro 5G in a Smart Plan can chose from a range of Smart Benefits including BT Sport Ultimate, Video Data Pass, BritBox or Amazon Prime Video
  • Smart Plan customers also benefit from Reserve Data, which automatically starts once their high-speed data allowance runs out. Reserve Data is fast enough to access apps like WhatsApp, Google Maps and Apple Music, so Smart Plan customers can stay connected with friends and stream music until next months’ data starts again.
  • EE smart number technology, allows iPhone customers to extend their phone number to five other connected devices, such as laptops and tablets

EE’s 5G network

  • EE recently switched on 5G in 35 new towns and cities, bringing total place count to 160
  • EE’s 5G availability is higher than all other networks in the UK’s four capital cities – Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. In London, availability on EE is more than double that of the second placed operator
  • EE has received extensive independent recognition, including being named the UK’s no.1 5G network by RootMetrics® in 2020 and 2021, and the UK’s best network every year since 2014 for the following awards: The Mobile Choice Awards, The Mobile Industry Awards and by RootMetrics®
  • Appetite for 5G technology continues to soar, with EE set to hit the one million active 5G users this month (April)
  • In the last 6 months, mobile traffic on tablet devices on EE’s mobile network has more than tripled (Oct ‘20 vs Mar ‘21)


The new 5G-ready iPad Pro 11” and 12.9” are now available to pre-order from Vodafone UK – the UK’s Best Network, as voted by the readers of Trusted Reviews*.

Vodafone customers can purchase the new iPad Pro 11” with unlimited data for just £64 per month (£29 upfront cost) or the new iPad Pro 12.9” for £68 per month (£29 upfront cost).

Alternatively, customers can pick up the iPad Pro 11” with 2GB of data for £48 per month (£29 upfront cost) or the iPad Pro 12.9” with 6GB of data for £57 per month (£29 upfront cost).

Customers can also get Apple TV+ free for one year when they buy one of the new tablets.***

With Vodafone’s VeryMe Rewards, customers can also enjoy a wide range of exclusive rewards, treats and discounts. More than 48 million rewards have been claimed to date and Vodafone also gives customers the option to gift selected rewards to a person of their choice, regardless of which network they are on.

Reasons for Apple lovers to choose Vodafone: 

  1. It’s the UK’s best network, as voted for by the readers of Trusted Reviews*.
  2. Vodafone customers can experience the new iPads with unlimited data at superfast 5G speeds** – at no extra cost. From now on, even the most data-hungry apps won’t cause people to worry about their data allowance.
  3. When the time is right, Vodafone customers who choose Unlimited Max can use their plan abroad at no extra cost in 81 worldwide destinations with Global Roaming Plus.
  4. Vodafone’s Total Care Warranty, which covers against manufacturer faults and repairs, including free battery replacement, giving customers complete peace of mind at no extra cost for two years – one year more than the manufacturer warranty.

For a full overview please visit: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/mobile-broadband/tablets/apple/

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