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EE now offer 50GB roaming data on selected plans

With Brexit only a couple of days away there were many people concerned what will happen with mobile network roaming when they go abroad after we leave the European Union.

However some good news, on checking through the EE terms and conditions which were updated about a week ago, it looks like customers who are on plans over 50GB of UK data now get more data than ever to use when roaming in Europe.

Before this update customers were limited to 15GB a month for a usage allowance when in Europe, however this seems to have now changed to a massive 50GB of data per month when roaming.

On reaching out to EE on social media and asking the question they have in fact confirmed that this is the case and customers on 50GB a month UK data more more will now get a 50GB fair use policy for data roaming without needing to change anything.

Their reply was….

Hello Dan, good afternoon!  You are correct, per the terms and conditions, ‘If your domestic data allowance is greater than 50GB, a fair usage policy of 50GB whilst roaming in our Europe will apply.’ 

@EE Twitter

This is great news for anybody who travels abroad often for work or personal and needs to have access to data all times, plus with a massive 50GB of data you’ll be free to watch videos together and use your phone like you do in the UK.

Before now it was Vodafone who offered the most roaming data at 25GB so is interesting to see what their reaction is to this.

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