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EE release Motorola RAZR pricing

Over on the EE website right now you can pre-order the brand new foldable screen Motorola device they call the RAZR with delivery promised within 28 days.

However by no means is this a cheap phone, foldable technology still comes with a hefty premium, and some may be put off with the lack of specs including processor using the Snapdragon 710, lack of 5G as well as what seems a small 2510mAh battery.

Also missing is a SIM card slot, meaning you are limited to eSim only which right now in the world is still very rare.

Deals start at a whopping £94 a month for just 10GB of data and go over £109 a month for unlimited, remember this is 4G only though.

Whilst Motorola will still have their fans here in the UK, a better option may be looking at the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G which as the name mentions, is a 5G phone with larger screen and better battery and performance, for the same price.

If you are interested then head over to the EE site to place your order.

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