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Microsoft Surface Duo arrives on EE

Anyone looking for a new foldable phone to purchase, you now have a way of picking up the Microsoft Surface Duo without paying the £135 0 asking price upfront.

The UK network EE has today added the foldable to it’s range of contract devices meaning you can now get one with a monthly payment with a price plan attached giving you allowances too.

Pricing starts from £77 a month which gives you unlimited minutes texts and 4GB of data, but the best plan would be £92 a month with unlimited data.

Whilst the Surface Duo is an interesting device being two screens with a hinge down the middle, it is worth pointing out that this tops out at 4G speeds, there is no 5G network support unfortunately.

However if you want something a bit different, at least you can now sign up to get one monthly and pocket that large up front you would have had to pay otherwise.

Anyone interested can sign up on the phone or online here.

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