HUAWEI, the world leading technology company, today announces the latest HUAWEI Mobile Services software update to various HUAWEI smartphone models in Europe.

The upgrade will bring a range of useful apps and services to HUAWEI smartphone users across Europe with EMUI 8.0 and higher over the next few months. Designed to maintain user privacy while providing European users with additional useful app features, including improved access to everything from the new-look HUAWEI Assistant, AI-powered search engine, Petal Search, through to its secure, high-speed HUAWEI Browser, and more.

By simply accepting the update, users will experience a more efficient service, and by enabling apps to automatically download and update on AppGallery, apps can be effortlessly kept up to date with the latest settings and services.

The key HUAWEI app and service updates users can look forward to are:

  • Assistant: The new-look HUAWEI Assistant uses cutting-edge AI to provide real-time information and services, giving instant access to local news, weather forecasts, daily schedules, trading and sports results, all in one place with a simple swipe right on the home screen. AI Search makes it easy to search locally stored results (from the phone’s emails, contacts, calendar, etc.), online results (from the default browser) and the Newsfeed. The update will provide a customisable experience to users, who can personalise the layout of their screen.
  • Browser: The HUAWEI Browser gives you more control of your browsing experience, including private browsing mode and pop-up blocking, to help ensure safe, private and high-speed browsing. It also gives access to the latest news from the best local, regional and international media sources in real time on the Newsfeed, which now includes several new channels including Video, Podcasts and Entertainment. The more accurate AI algorithm gives smarter recommendations, helping users to minimise time spent looking for the right information.
  • Game Center: This community allows HUAWEI mobile gamers and other smartphone users to easily find, play and share their favourite games, offering screenshot and screen recording services. There is also a non-interference mode, with a pop-up window for incoming calls during gaming so users have the option to interrupt their gaming session or not. It also provides exclusive offers – such as gifts and coupons – to reward fans for their gaming achievements.
  • Petal Search: This optimised search engine offers a comprehensive array of search services in more than 20 fields, including news, apps, local services, travel and shopping deals. It has AI-powered advanced search capabilities to help bring up more relevant visual search results, with almost all countries and mainstream languages covered for voice search – plus it allows users to search for subcategories including interviews, videos, podcasts, articles and images.
  • Petal Maps: Petal Maps offers a smoother map navigation experience, with customisable traffic and transport updates, and additional informative map overlays such as Covid-19 situation updates and bus route information. It also provides Head-Up Display (HUD) navigation, which projects the navigation interface onto the car windshield for a safer, distraction-free driving experience, and gives users the chance to co-create maps, adding their favourite locations and includes commenting functions, allowing them to personalise and transform this from a map to a daily information hub and community.

Additional apps include the Member Center, which will be full of information, exclusive offers and how-to tutorials for each HUAWEI app and service; Books, a portable digital library which offers a range of eBooks, audio books, magazines and comics for users to explore; and LinkNow, a communication and education service platform which includes functions like instant communication, video conferencing, documents and online classroom services.

Anson Zhang, UK Managing Director, Huawei CBG said: “This latest HUAWEI Mobile Services update is an easy and important way to give them access to the most up-to-date services that will make their phone experience smoother than ever before. The upgrade offers a new way to experience your smartphone and will give you even more options when using Huawei apps and services for a better-connected digital life while keeping security and privacy as our priority.”

This important upgrade will allow users to discover more new apps on AppGallery and manage their favourite ones, giving them the option to download or uninstall the services at any time.

For more information, please visit AppGallery.

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