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New Updates for HUAWEI Petal Maps: A More Versatile Route Planner

Those of us who have been using recent HUAWEI devices will know about the lack of access to Google services including key apps such as Google Maps.

With the launch of the Mate 40 series came a new app from HUAWEI called Petal Maps and is a brand new mapping service available on HUAWEI devices.

A press release has just come through with an update to the maps service bringing some key improvements including route planning for walks, bike rides, and public transit.

Whilst we may not be travelling as much with the current covid pandemic, it’s nice to see HUAWEI find a way to fill a key missing Google service and give customers access to a great mapping service ready for when things get to normal.

Below is the full press release with more information to read through.

Press Release

New Updates for HUAWEI Petal Maps: A More Versatile Route Planner

18th February 2021, London UK – Huawei’s Petal Maps app debuted at the global launch of the Mate 40 series smartphones in 2020. As a mapping service that harnesses a wide range of pioneering technologies, notably Super Global Navigation Satellite System, Petal Maps provides location searches, turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic information across. It also supports Air Gestures, an interactive function that gives services touch-free functionality which is a signature feature on the HUAWEI Mate 40 series.

The latest Petal Maps update will see the launch of a new crucial feature: route planning for walks, bike rides, and public transit, which will function alongside the existing driving route planner. In this newly enhanced Petal Maps version, users will be able to view multiple routes at a glance alongside their expected duration and distance, so they can make educated decisions about their journey.

Departure schedules, stop-by-stop routes and arrival times for buses, , ferries, trains, and other public transit systems, are now available in Petal Maps in additional regions.* Real-time public transport information is already available in 16 countries/regions. 

Petal Maps also provides cycling route planning in 11 countries: UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, , Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, and Sweden and there are plans to roll this function out across more countries and regions in the future. .To enjoy all these benefits, download the app from the HUAWEI AppGallery, or update Petal Maps to the latest version.

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