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O2 to change Switch Up rules, scrapping Bolt-On

O2 have offered a service called Switch Up for a while now which allows customers to swap their phone at any point by trading in to get something new, and with nothing to pay off.

The company have been promoting this quite heavily since its launch several months, however it was open to misuse and could potentially cost the company a lot of money so changes were expected.

From 3rd August the Switch Up bolt on will no longer be sold as a separate product, this allowed customers to take their phone on a lower plan and pay for the bolt on to get the service at £3.99 a month.

Instead the only way to get Switch Up will be to sign up for a plan that includes the service, usually from 30GB and above meaning the customer not only gets more data but still gets to swap their phone.

The other change seems to be in the rules around how often you can swap, right now you can swap phones anytime as much as you like, moving forward the rule will be every 90 days you can switch.

With phone prices being as high as ever right now it was expected that the service would have to change, no company could afford to keep swapping phones for customers every 14 days and be sustainable.

The good news though is Switch Ip is staying so anyone wanting to swap phones will be able too, just every 90 days instead as long as on a suitable plan.

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