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Phone hack alert: Introducing the VOXI Boxi

VOXI Mobile, the mobile network for social media lovers, has unveiled the ultimate phone hack, turning 50,000 fried chicken boxes into mobile phone stands to ensure Gen Z’s chicken stays in their mouth rather than on their phone.

Inspired by the popularity of chicken shops and research that suggests that 87% of people use social media while eating in them*, VOXI has created the VOXI Boxi, to tackle the biggest problem faced by those having a munch while they meme: grease.

To avoid the screen smears caused by greasy, spicy, un-licked fingers, the VOXI Boxi is an ‘inventive’ cardboard fried chicken box with a revolutionary design that hacks the humble fried chicken box into a clever phone stand.

In just three simple steps, the chicken box is transformed. With VOXI’s Unlimited social media, which comes as standard across all VOXI plans** customers can eat fried chicken, whilst posting, scrolling and liking to their hearts content, without using a single byte of data and without having to worry about a grease-covered phone afterwards.

The tongue-in-cheek activation from creative agency AMV BBDO is part of a wider summer campaign, that also includes billboards and three 20-second films starring best friends Frank and Syd, VOXI’s brains-in-jars brand mascots.

VOXI Boxi chicken boxes are available*** in 51 chicken shops nationwide, including branches of Morley’s, Chicken Cottage and Chicken Valley.

Powered by Vodafone’s reliable and award-winning network****, VOXI is the mobile network for young people, offering contract-free plans that let you use selected social and video apps, endlessly, without eating into your general data allowance

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