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Pixel Buds A officially announced by Google

Google have announced their next version of the popular Pixel Buds range, this time taking on the name format of the Pixel phones calling them the Pixel Buds A.

The A range of devices from Google offer outstanding value for money and bring you most of the key features of the more expensive hardware, but at a more affordable price.

Google Pixel Buds A will cost £99 here in the UK which is a nice saving over the older model, and even at the lower price you still get the Assistant features, high quality audio and strong battery performance to last well into the day.

The biggest feature that you don’t get which many will not mind missing out on is wireless charging, however with the saving available over the original Pixel Buds, this may be the time to pick up a set of the Pixel Buds A for a great price and enjoy yourself without paying the extra.

Check out the full press release from Google below with more information.

Pixel Buds A-Series: Rich sound, iconic design, just £99

When we first introduced our truly wireless Pixel Buds, we were most excited about how such a small product could pack so much functionality. Now, we’re making that same premium sound quality, along with hands-free help from Google Assistant1 and real-time translation, available at an affordable price.

Introducing Pixel Buds A-Series: rich sound, clear calls and Google helpfulness, all in a low-profile design – for just £99.

A premium audio experience

Our research shows that most people describe great sound as full, clear and natural. This is what guides our audio tuning process and shows up in other devices, like Nest Audio. And Pixel Buds A-Series are no exception. Custom-designed 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers deliver full, clear and natural sound, with the option for even more power in those low tones with Bass Boost. 

To experience the full range of the speaker’s capabilities, especially in the low frequencies, a good seal is essential. We’ve scanned thousands of ears to make Pixel Buds A-Series fit securely with a gentle seal. In order to keep the fit comfortable over time, a spatial vent reduces in-ear pressure.

Each earbud also connects to the main device playing audio, and has strong individual transmission power, to keep your sound clear and uninterrupted.

Sound quality can also be affected by your environment. The new Pixel Buds A-Series come with Adaptive Sound, which increases or decreases the volume based on your surroundings. This comes in handy when you’re moving from the quiet of your home to somewhere noisy like a city street, or while jogging past a loud construction site.

And your calls will have great sound, too. To help make sure your calls are as clear as they can be, Pixel Buds A-Series use beamforming mics to focus on your voice and reduce outside noise, making your calls crystal clear (though of course, overall call quality depends on signal strength, environment, network, and other factors).Once your call is over, quickly get back to your music with a simple “Hey Google, Play my music.”

Stylish and hardworking

For Pixel Buds A-Series, we wanted to bring back the iconic Clearly White, but added a twist with new gray undertones. For a darker alternative, Pixel Buds A-Series are also available in Dark Olive. We use nature for inspiration in our colours all the time, and our design team was looking to create soothing tones that evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Pixel Buds’ design is inspired by the idea that great things can come in small packages: Pixel Buds A-Series include up to five hours of listening time on a single charge or up to 24 hours using the charging case. And with the ability to get a quick charge — about 15 minutes in the case gives you up to three hours of listening time — you can keep listening anywhere.5

They’re comfortable enough for those long listening sessions, and don’t worry if some of that time is devoted to a sweaty workout or a run in the rain: The earbuds are also sweat and water-resistant.

Hands-free access to the best of Google 

Google Assistant is built right into the Pixel Buds A-Series. You can get quick hands-free help to check the weather, get an answer, change the volume, or have notifications read to you with a simple “Hey Google.”

You can do more than just ask questions, though — for example, you can get real-time translation in more than 40 languages right in your ear while using a Pixel or Android 6.0+ phone. Say “Hey Google, help me speak Japanese” to start a conversation. For more information, including available languages and minimum requirements, visit  g.co/pixelbuds/help. 

Pixel Buds A-Series are available for pre-order in the U.S., arriving to customers by May 18. For country availability and prices, visitg.co/pixelbudsaseries.

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