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realme sold 10 million smartphones in 4 months, and now has 35 million user worldwide

Shenzhen, 14 May 2020—The world’s fastest growing smartphone brand realme has earned 35 million worldwide users. It is another milestone for realme’s rapid growth after maintaining the 7th place in the world according to the global smartphone shipments in Q1 2020 (Counterpoint).

At the end of January, the number of realme global users reached to 25 million, and realme has earned another 10 million users worldwide in only 4 months, continuously accelerating the growth with the fastest speed in the world. 

realme grows with 157% YoY in global smartphone shipments during the industry downside

In the third quarter of 2019, realme became the Top 7 global smartphone brand for the first time. According to the results of Counterpoint Research on Smartphone Shipment Market Share Q1 2020, realme continued its previous global ranking and ranked firmly in the Top 7 in the world.

Comparing with the performance in Q1 2019, realme’s global smartphone shipments increased by 157% year-on-year, ranking the first in the world. In addition, the global smartphone market has experienced the fastest decline in the first quarter of 2020, with a 13% year-on-year decline; however, realme is one of the two brands that are “the only major brands to achieve growth” (Global Smartphone Shipments Plummet Below 300Mn, Counterpoint).

realme smartphones are popular globally as they closely match with consumer preferences

realme’s smartphone sales worldwide have been steadily increasing, and the products have also received consumer recognition. In the first quarter of 2020, in just 4 months, the sales increased by 10 million, achieving a 40% sales growth rate which is inseparable from realme’s business model of “light assets, short channels, and partial e-commerce”.

At the same time, realme has actively responded to changes of the market and continuously upgrades its channel strategies in  in multiple markets around the world. In 2020, realme plans to further improve its online and offline multi-channel sales model to reach consumers more accurately, and provide sustained momentum for the rapid growth.

The smartphone products of realme has been well received by young consumers worldwide, and many products have become the best sellers on the day of sale.

According to the sales results of realme’s debut on the “Double 11” festival in China market, realme broke the previous sales record of e-commerce platforms in 7 minutes Moreover, on the first day of “Black Friday” festival in Europe, realme X2 Pro became the best seller of both sales and the amount of sales on Amazon Spain.

In Indonesian, realme used to sell up to 40,000 units on the e-commerce platform Lazada in only 21 minutes, and it became the champion of total mobile phone sales, single product sales and the fastest sales growth on the same day. The performance relies heavily on that realme highly concentrates on young consumers, deeply understands its target consumers’ preferences, and committed to customize and polish products to satisfy customers.

realme has entered 27 countries and regions around the world in only two years, including China, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and South Asia, Russia and Africa, and has ranked among the top five in multiple markets.

The Indian market ranks in the top five for a long time, and the online market also maintains the second rank in a row. In the Philippines, realme ranks fourth in the market with an impressive annual growth rate of 709%.

In Indonesia, realme ranked among the top three in the third quarter of 2019. In Egypt, realme’s market performance is equally alarming, ranking among the top five with a growth rate of 908%. The achievement so far showcases realme’s strength in the global market.

With realme 1+1 Strategy: Smartphone + AIoT, realme insists on being “Popularizer of 5G” and “Popularizer of Tech Trendsetter Life”

In 2020, realme will continuously focus on young users, keep moving forward in both smartphone and AIoT field with realme 1+1 Strategy: Smartphone + AIoT, and endow products with more attributes of Trendsetting design to create Smart Trendsetter Life for the young.

As “Popularizer of 5G”, realme has been sustainably bringing 5G products with surprise from all aspects.

From January in this year, realme launched realme X50 5G, realme X50 Pro 5G and realme X50m, which shows that realme has completed the product portfolio from entry-level to flagship-level covering all price segments. In the future, realme will introduce more 5G smartphone products and explore 5G popularization. 

Apart from smartphone field, realme also dares to leap in AIoT field. Not only did realme become the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, but also it will become the world’s fastest growing AIoT brand.

Up to now, the launched realme Buds Air has been enjoyed by lots of young people because of its trendsetting design and technology strength, and it also became the first blockbuster product and the most popular TWS earphone in India with the over 11,000 sales in only 1 hour. Next, realme will stick to the position of “Popularizer of Tech Trendsetter Life” and bring various AIoT products with attributes of Trendsetting design to bring a 3 in 1 Tech Trendsetter Life around your “Personal, Home and Travel” experience.

As a young technology brand, realme has brought many Tech Trendsetting Gadgets loved by the young since it was established 2 years ago, by means of its “Dare to Leap” brand conception. It has made lots of great performance and earned over 35 million global users with a surprising speed. realme will continue to present its “Dare to Leap” technology strength and bring more surprise.

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