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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leaks

I don’t normally cover leaks on the site because there are so many coming out it’s hard to keep up, however this was one that I could not miss and had to show to everybody because it’s very exciting for the future.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold brought in a new era of foldable smartphones, however with a massive premium price tag to go with it costing £1900 SIM free or upwards of £100 a month on contract availability was limited.

The following pictures have just made themselves known on Twitter and the news is spreading quickly this could be the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with a complete re-design on the foldable feature.

Very little is known at present, however what you can see is the the foldable has gone from being a book like design, instead be more like a flip clamshell phone.

There does seem to be quite a chunky bezel going around the device, however will be interesting to see what the internal specs have to offer when it does get phone announced sometime in the future.

I personally like this design a lot more than the original, it makes the phone a lot more smaller and more pocket friendly, plus has a nice landscape wide screen when watching videos.

Hopefully more specs will leak out shortly so we can get more of a fuller picture what were expecting by the Galaxy Fold 2.

Twitter Source: @BenGeskin

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