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Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G & Galaxy Z Flip now on Vodafone UK

In an interesting move, Vodafone UK now have listed two foldable devices available to buy if you want to join the foldable revolution.

However word of warning, pricing is expensive!

First of all there is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G, the original foldable and brings with it a book like folding screen with display on the outside for those quick tasks, this is the £2000 SIM free phone but has a lot of potential with large internal screen once unfolded.

Pricing is at £99 a month with a huge £299 upfront which does seem a little on the high side considering EE who have sold this phone for a while offer at just £30 upfront.

Then comes the latest foldable the Z Flip which is more of a traditional type with clamshell like foldable screen at a lower price but does lack the 5G connectivity of the Fold.

Pricing for the Z Flip is £88 a month with £49 upfront which makes it the more affordable of the expensive fold phones, but with the technology still new there is still a premium to get this unique feature.

Other plans are available offering different data limits and are both available on the new Vodafone Unlimited plans if you needed.

Both phones have just appeared for purchase today so if you want to pick one up on Vodafone, head to the links below.

LINKS: Galaxy Fold 5GZ FLIP

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