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The new OPPO Find X5 Pro smartphone makes stunning night-time photography a doddle

Picture the scene: you’re on a beach, miles from civilisation and the sky above you is inky black velvet festooned with more stars than you’ve ever seen. Or you’re in a dark club with your friends at the best party ever and want to capture the memory forever. Or you’re speeding along a mountain trail on your bike and want to capture the scenery whizzing by for bragging rights. No DSLR to hand, no problem – you can capture it all with the camera in your pocket – the OPPO Find X5 Pro.

OPPO’s latest flagship smartphone enables you to elevate your everyday photography, snapping photos and videos in one billion colours, no matter the lighting conditions. With 4K Ultra Night Mode video, OPPO brings the night to life, without sacrificing colour, with each frame as clear as a still photo. With the OPPO Find X5 Pro, shooting gorgeous imagery and videos is possible anywhere, anytime – no matter where life takes you.  

Thanks to OPPO, everyone can become an everyday pro photographer. OPPO has teamed up with award-winning astrophotographer Mark McNeill, to share top tips for getting the most out of the OPPO Find X5 Pro’s cameras – whether you’re capturing incredible night-time imagery, out on the town with friends or snapping a stunning sunset on holiday.

Mark McNeill, award-winning astrophotographer, said:Photography is all about capturing a moment in time the easiest way possible. I believe that the best camera to have is the one you have in your pocket. So, for a budding photographer or a seasoned pro, the new Oppo Find X5 Pro smartphone is an essential companion – you’d think the photos it captures are taken on a DSLR camera”.

“With the phone’s AI features – it’s easy to get a great shot quickly and easily. From day to night, users can capture great photos in low-light, especially at night, in crystal clear colour and detail. The low light performance matched with the image stabilisation makes it possible to get video and photos I did not think would be possible with a phone. Pair these technologies with the Hasselblad Camera for Mobile software, and you have a powerhouse in smartphone camera technology.”

Here are Mark McNeill’s recommendations for capturing the best shots on your OPPO Find X5 Pro:

·       Shoot an hour before sunset, at golden hour: Get the most interesting light and best imagery. The Find X5 Pro’s low-light performance creates strong results with rich details. Change up the position of the sun, behind you, or to one side, to highlight different aspects of the shot

·       Play around in blue hour: Right after sunset, turn on AI and HDR, and you’ll snap really dramatic imagery that give your photos a punch

·       Help from Hasselblad: Giving photos excellent colours, Hasselblad for Mobile features a lot of creativity for mobile photography – making it impossible to tell the photos came from a phone and not a camera

·       Level-up your landscapes: Scout out your location in advance, plan your shot and work out the composition – automatic modes are great for this. Look for brilliant details and experiment – use water in the foreground to snap an incredible reflection, turning a great photo into a stunning one

·       Change up your composition: Think about including lines that draw the eyes to where you want the focus to go. Create more drama and texture by using existing lines to draw the eye – for instance look for this in details, like a piece of rope or a trailing tree branch

·       Embrace the grid: With inbuilt grids on the OPPO Find X5 Pro, frame your subjects easily. A subject on a third line tends to be more visually interesting. Turn on the grid in ‘settings’ – and also use the golden ratio as a guide, too

·       Try out a new perspective: The wide-angle lens on the OPPO Find X5 Pro gives photos a wholly different perspective. It’ll spark your creativity and it’s fun to experiment with the wide-angle lens!

Neil Monger – Product Marketing Manager – OPPO, remarked, “Our goal at OPPO is to empower people through technology to create amazing experiences, and with the OPPO Find X5 Pro, people will be able to capture the full spectrum of life’s colours. Featuring Hasselblad smarts, a first-of-its kind five-axis OIS system and a billion-colour capture – the OPPO Find X5 Pro is the ultimate device to up your photography game”.

OPPO Find X5 Pro – Empower Every Moment 

The latest flagship by OPPO, the Find X5 Pro, raises the bar on smartphone imaging and premium design. The new smartphone is packed with industry-leading features to empower consumers to be their true selves and express their individuality on their terms.  

Building on the design innovations of the Find X series, the expertly curated Find X5 Pro features a spacecraft-inspired curved body. The ultra-hard, true ceramic back of Find X5 Pro is available in Ceramic White and Glaze Black, reflecting its clean, modern sophistication at its finest. This seamless ceramic back panel blends beauty and durability, taking over 168 hours to create and is splash, water and dust resistant with an IP68 rating.

The Find X5 Pro also boosts display performance with the first multi-brightness colour calibration of its kind, creating consistent colours no matter the lighting conditions. Featuring a 6.7-inch ultra-clear curved AMOLED screen, the Find X5 Pro’s 10-bit screen displays more than 1 billion colours, creating smooth tonal and colour gradations, displaying the full depth and range of even the most subtle shifts in colour. 

Prices and availability

·       The OPPO Find X5 Pro is available in Glaze Black and Ceramic White priced at £1,049 

·       The OPPO Find X5 is available in Black and White priced at £749 

· The OPPO Find X5 Lite is available in Starry Black and Startrails Blue priced at £419

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