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Three add 700Mhz 5G spectrum in auction win

Next up in the 5G auction roundup comes from Three UK who have won 20Mhz of 700Mhz spectrum for 5G services.

Three were in a unique situation for 5G thanks to their huge 140Mhz of 3.4Ghz they own due to the purchase of UK Broadband a few years ago.

When 5G started to be available, only Three UK was able to use a single 100Mhz block of spectrum in a contiguous way for the best overall speeds.

The addition of 700Mhz means they can also reach further with low band spectrum to get even better 5G coverage.

Three UK now own the following spectrum for 5G services.

  • 20Mhz of 700Mhz
  • 140Mhz of 3.4Ghz

Robert Finnegan, Chief Executive Officer at Three said:

“We are delighted to have won two 10MHz blocks of low frequency spectrum at the auction. This triples the amount of low frequency spectrum we own and will have a transformative effect on our customers’ experience indoors and in rural areas. Coupled with our existing low frequency spectrum and the UK’s largest 5G spectrum holding, we are in a fantastic position to deliver a great network experience for our customers now and in the future.”

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