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Three launch PhonesAreGood campaign

Three have done it yet again with a fantastic new advertising campaign talking about why phones have actually improved our lives.

The video shows how mobile devices could have helped moments in history by sharing or using modern features that we nowall take for granted.

The video takes a hilarious look at a few examples, my favourite being a caveman delivering food to your cave idea.

The company have had many iconic advertisement campaigns in the past, who could forget Socks the Moonwalking Pony or Jackson the purple puppet used to #makeitright

The idea comes from Three being the best network for data, helped with large data offerings which now can be tethered, and still offering AYCE data plans as well as GoBinge.

Below is the full press release for more information.


Three takes on the phone cynics with new brand campaign

October 17, 2018: As mobile phones are seemingly getting a hard time, Three UK is taking on the cynics and bringing some balance to the debate with its new brand campaign Phones Are Good.
In its controversial new campaign launching today, Three tackles the topical debate that ‘phones are bad’ by humorously reimagining pivotal moments in history. Demonstrating in each scene how much better things would have been if phones had been available – from starving cavemen ordering Deliveroo, to Henry VIII’s wives avoiding execution thanks to Tinder.

Shadi Halliwell, Chief Marketing Officer at Three, said: “At a time when we are being told to get off our phones, Three’s customers are actually using them three and a half times more than other providers*. That’s because, unlike others, we understand how real people use their phones. And although we shouldn’t be on our phones 24/7, if it weren’t for our mobiles how would you find love lounging on the sofa? Buy new shoes while sitting on the toilet? Or get a chicken cooked, seasoned, garnished and delivered to your door at the drop of a hat?

“As the Best Network for Data**, it is our duty to challenge the cynics, and help everyone see that Phones Are Good.”

Three’s new Phones Are Good campaign is a huge step-change for the company – aimed to create a debate about our relationships with phones and how to strike a healthy life/phone balance.

Created with Wieden+Kennedy London, Phones Are Good will see a mobile-first launch on the morning of October 17, on Three’s Twitter channel – @ThreeUK – as is fitting for the tone of the ad. The campaign will then go live across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, digital, TV, cinema and OOH.

The ad was directed by Ian Pons Jewell – famed for his work with Nike, Google and various music videos including Naughty Boy’s La La La. It was produced by Friend, with media planning from Mindshare. The campaign features brands such as Samsung, Instagram, Deliveroo, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Tinder.

Speaking on its new brand campaign, Halliwell added: “The great thing about Phones Are Good is that we can all see a little bit of ourselves in this. Whether it’s ordering a cheeky takeaway on your way home, requesting an Uber for a five-minute walk or shopping on the loo. Phones are good because they make life easier, simpler and better. They connect us to the things and people we love. And they help us to experience more and live our best life.”

To support the campaign, Three has also commissioned London painter Reuben Dangoor, famed for painting today’s grime artists in 17th century grandeur, to exclusively reimagine historical figures and paintings through the mobile lens of today’s social media profile pictures. Reuben’s paintings will be exhibited at a bespoke gallery, open to the public at 13 Soho Square, London, from October 26-27, 2018.

Phones Are Good will also come to life through an art gallery-style takeover of Three’s key retail stores (in cities including Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and London), with an exhibition of famous historical paintings reimagined with mobile technology from October 17. Customers are also invited to bring their well-loved phones in store to give them a much-needed bit of TLC in its pop-up Phone Spa experience (such as screen cleaning and protectors) in Three stores from the end of October.


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