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Three remove tethering restrictions?

Whilst it is still waiting to be 100 percent confirmed, it looks like Three UK have removed the tethering allowance restrictions on their price plans.

The network has allowed customers on 30GB and lower plans to tether up to their allowance, but for anyone in 100GB or AYCE, you were restricted to a 30GB Hotspot allowance.

It looks like from today customers on the two plans mentioned above will also be able to tether to their allowance, meaning AYCE customers get 1000GB of data to enjoy shared on other devices.

It was Three who started the whole data revolution in the UK with their One Plan contract, this was the first unlimited offering for data, but became heavily saturated over time with data heavy customers using as a broadband replacement.

However with the addition of new spectrum as as well as new network technology, the company are in a position to try once again with an unlimited offer.

Over on the Three site it says

Personal Hotspot.

With Personal Hotspot, you can use your existing data allowance to connect other devices to your phone and get online. Pretty handy when there’s no Wi-Fi.

Whilst still waiting on the official word by Three, popular site ISPReview were told by retail staff that it was true from the 4th October but may take time to reflect on everyone’s account.

This was part of the commitment by Three to Ofcom to be arranged before December 2018, and also looks like tethering is also allowed abroad up to 12GB.

I have contacted Three to ask if there is any official statement and will update if anything comes through.

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