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Three UK quickly rolling out 4G+

If you are a customer on Three here in the UK, you may have recently spotted a new signal logo in your status bar showing 4G+

Many people have tweeted the network asking what this means, and it’s good news.

Anybody else getting @ThreeUK #4G+ ?? My speed in Hook, Hampshire #three pic.twitter.com/COa1odzlOk

— Darren Cullimore (@Cullimore) October 10, 2018

The network has rapidly started to roll out Carrier Aggregation technology, known as 4G+, and helps boost not only connection speeds, but network capacity too – which is more important.

Back at an event we were invited to with Three CEO Dave Dyson and CTO Phil Shepherd, the refarming of existing 3G spectrum was discussed, which will boost 4G and also enable 4G+ in the process.

A boost in capacity is very important as it allows more people to get more reliable access to data on the go. Speed also gets a boost with people sharing screenshots of blazing fast downloads, I have had recent speeds of 105Mbps in the little town of Torquay.

All this is on the way to 5G which will be tested in 2019 with an expected full launch in 2020.

With Three also removing tethering limits on their 100GB and AYCE plans, it looks like the company is less worried now than they were back when The One Plan was removed due to a small percentage of people taking advantage of tethering.

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