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Virgin Mobile boost 4G speeds

Virgin Mobile are doing some great offers right now, especially if you are in need of a SIM-only contract. The company run their network off EE signal, which gives them access to a huge 4G footprint already built, and still improving all the time.

Until now customers have been able to get a maximum download speed of 50Mbps as set by the network. However, the great news is that Virgin have now given a 40% increase in speeds – reaching a maximum of 70Mbps.


The company are also introducing spend caps, which means customers will never worry about going over their allowances and running up a large bill.

In a big update to their account management app called “My Account”, customers will not only be able to set their cap and add on extra data, but have built in messaging support by the end of the year, meaning no need to call customer services.

Check out the press release below for more information.

[showhide] Virgin Mobile introduces spending caps to give customers more control

  • Virgin Mobile app revamp will enable customers to set a spending cap and keep track of their bills more easily
  • All 4G customers will receive second speed boost of this year at no extra cost

Starting today, Virgin Mobile customers can set a cap for any extra cost outside of their monthly call, text and data allowance. This comes as Virgin Mobile also increases its maximum 4G speeds by 40% to 70Mbps from 50Mbps – the second speed boost this year.

Virgin Mobile’s new Spending Caps will let all new and upgrading pay monthly customers set a spending limit so there won’t be any surprises in their next bill. From £0-100, customers have the flexibility to apply a tailored cap which suits them; giving them even more control to manage their account and usage.

The new Spending Caps are designed to give customers peace of mind and complete ownership over how much they can spend if they use up their monthly allowance. To add an extra layer of reassurance, Virgin Mobile will send customers an SMS alert when they approach their spending cap and again if the limit is reached. These alerts will be in addition to the warnings Virgin Mobile already sends when a customer uses up their inclusive monthly allowance.

The Virgin Mobile App, previously called ‘My Account’, will be refreshed at the end of this month to offer customers a simple way to set a spending cap alongside a host of other new features.

The revamped app will provide an easy way for customers to keep track of their monthly spend and monitor their account. In addition to adding a Spending Cap, the app will enable customers to see details of their monthly plan, buy data add-ons and get help and support. Further support functionalities will start rolling out later this year such as in-app messaging so customers can get help at a convenient time; even when on the go.

Customers can also set a Spending Cap online, in-store or by calling Virgin Mobile customer services.

Jeff Dodds, Managing Director of Virgin Mobile said, “Spending caps have been high on our customers’ wish list for some time, so we are pleased to be able to start introducing them now. Combined with our freshly updated app and even faster 4G speeds, we’re giving our customers a fast and flexible service with more control and peace of mind than ever before.”

All of Virgin Mobile’s plans come with data-rollover, data-free WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter as standard and superfast 4G that’s faster on average than Vodafone, Three and O2.


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