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Vodafone Achieves its Fastest Ever Home Wifi Speeds with First 2Gbps Trial

Vodafone, the broadband provider with the largest full fibre footprint in the UK, has today reached another milestone by achieving its fastest ever speed throughout the home, with a 2Gbps residential trial using Vodafone Pro II Broadband and the new Vodafone Ultra Hub and Super WiFi6E Booster.

The trial with CityFibre, was made possible by Vodafone’s market-leading Pro II Broadband with the UK’s fastest router and CityFibre’s recent upgrade of its York network to XGS-PON access technology, which is due to be rolled out as standard across its network from April 2023.

This successful trial saw speeds of up to 2Gbps, twice the speed of the fastest services widely available on CityFibre’s network today. This means in the future, customers will be able to download their favourite games, like Call of Duty, onto a console in roughly 3 minutes 20 seconds*, over 50% faster than Vodafone’s 910Mbps broadband.

For customers who want to quickly download their favourite TV show before they leave the house, will be able to do this in roughly less than 15 seconds**, providing them with unparalleled speeds and a new standard in Full Fibre broadband.

Vodafone Pro II Broadband has been built to handle speeds like these. A 2Gbps service would be 40x faster than standard broadband, demonstrating the value of Full Fibre in delivering mind-blowing speeds for consumers. The trial and partnership with CityFibre highlight Vodafone’s continued commitment to delivering reliable speeds and providing the best WIFi technology to customers.

Max Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer Vodafone UK, said: “We’re the biggest Full Fibre provider in the UK and recording our fastest ever home WiFi speed showcases the true capability of the technology and our Pro II Broadband. With the UK’s fastest router, we’re all set to handle the next exciting developments, so our customers always get the fastest broadband speeds possible, in all corners of their home at a great price.”

Customers looking to purchase Vodafone Pro II Broadband can do so by calling 191 from their Vodafone mobile, visiting one of our retail stores or going online.

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