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Vodafone launch new B818 4G Gigacube broadband

Vodafone have announced the launch of a new portable home broadband product called the B818 Gigacube.

Keeping connected is so important these days, but still not everyone can get traditional home broadband due to the limitations of local exchanges or building types, and this is where products like this really help.

The device is manufactured by Huawei and allows a 4G signal to be spread around the home or office and can connect up to 64 devices at any one time.

With download speeds supported up to an impressive 1.6Gbps over a 4G network, this is perfect for anyone who wants broadband use they can take with them.

Of course whilst the 1.6Gbps is network and condition dependant, 4G still shows some impressive speeds in real world testing of over 200Mbps.

With no need for an engineer visit to get you connected, customers can just sign up and plug in and you are online.

Anyone not wanting a 24mth commitment can also join on a 30 day plan to have the ultimate flexibility.

Below is the full press release from Vodafone with more information.

— Press Release – –

  • The new Gigacube B818 is capable of speeds up to 1.6Gbps download and 150Mbps upload* – perfect for video calling, streaming, gaming and online learning
  • Instant connectivity – a plug and play device with the ability to connect up to 64 devices
  • Prices start from £30 a month for 100GB of data

Vodafone has launched Gigacube B818 – a new wireless mobile router for consumers and businesses that turns Vodafone’s 4G network into a Wi-Fi network. The flexible alternative to ‘standard broadband’ allows customers to benefit from high-speed internet access in areas without fixed-line connectivity.

The portable device can also be taken with you anywhere in the UK** and can be set up in minutes – without the need for an engineer.

At a time when families are primarily working and learning from home, this high-speed router offers a simple and flexible solution to getting connected. Being a true plug and play device, it can be situated anywhere in the house, whether that’s in a home office, or where the children are doing their online learning.

Capable of handling maximum speeds up to 1.6Gbps download and 150Mbps upload, customers are able to access superfast speeds and reliable Wi-Fi quickly**. Gigacube is ideal for those who run a small business, have a second home or a home office. It is also particularly useful for businesses that don’t have a fixed location, or for families who are all working from home and need additional broadband support.

The Gigacube can connect up to 64 devices at any one time and has a Wi-Fi range of 250 metres.

Customers can choose either a fixed term or rolling contract, with the option to have up to 300GB of data per month. For information on pricing please see below:

For businesses who also want fixed broadband,Vodafone is offering 12 months’ free business broadband for 2021.

The offer of 12-months’ free broadband is available on a 36 month plan to all small businesses (1 – 50 employees), including existing Vodafone customers who are eligible to upgrade, across the UK until 28 February 2021.

Once the initial 12-month period has passed, the monthly fee will revert back to the standard rate of £22.50 (excl. VAT)x per month for Vodafone Business Broadband Superfast 1 and £25 (excl. VAT)x per month for Vodafone Business Broadband Superfast 2. There will be a one-time fee of £20 (excl. VAT) to cover set up costs, with no further payment required until the thirteenth month. 

Customers interested in taking up the 12-month free broadband offer should visit:https://www.vodafone.co.uk/business/business-connectivity/broadband-and-phone

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