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Vodafone launches Pro II Broadband

Vodafone today displays its technology leadership in the broadband market, as the UK’s largest full fibre provider unveils its new market-leading Pro II home broadband packages. Vodafone Pro II plans come with the new Vodafone Ultra Hub and Super WiFi6E Booster delivering the UK’s fastest WiFi technology throughout the home. These devices use the latest WiFi 6E technology – the first of any major broadband provider – and can connect over 150 devices simultaneously, providing fast speeds across the full range of the home, at just £34 a month – a saving of over £400 vs. BT*.

Harnessing the latest WiFi technology, the Vodafone Ultra Hub is powerful and easier to use than ever before. Designed to complement even the most stylish home interiors with sustainability at the heart, customers will enjoy features such as:

  • The UK’s first WiFi 6E Ultra Hub and Booster can connect over 150 devices and is built to handle the next generation of speeds and technology.
  • Guaranteed WiFi coverage throughout the home, or customers can leave their contract for free. 
  • Unbreakable connection by seamlessly switching to Vodafone’s award-winning reliable 4G in the event of an internet outage.
  • Keep your family secure: Vodafone’s team of WiFi Xperts proactively monitor and fix WiFi issues, plus there’s 12 months’ free Norton 360 Premium Anti-virus protection for up to ten devices​.
  • Premium design made from 95% recycled plastic and fully recycled and recyclable packaging.

Vodafone’s new Pro II Full Fibre plans range from 36Mbps to 910Mbps average download speed and can save customers over £400 versus BT’s Halo 3+ – providing fast, full fibre broadband without the price tag, meaning customers don’t need to compromise on quality at a time when people are looking to cut costs. Vodafone’s fastest Full Fibre 900 Mbps plan is £35.99 a month cheaper than BT’s equivalent, and provides a faster WiFi signal throughout the home on more devices than ever before. 

Max Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer Vodafone UK, said: “Vodafone Pro II sets the new standard for the UK broadband market. It combines the UK’s fastest and most reliable WiFi technology in the all new Vodafone Ultra Hub router with the UK’s largest full fibre footprint.”

Kester Mann, Director of Consumer and Connectivity at CCS Insight, said: “The need for a fast, secure and dependable broadband service throughout the home has never been greater. The Ultra Hub router and booster will support households’ insatiable connectivity requirements, whether that be multi-player gaming, Zoom-calling friends and family, streaming the latest movies or working from home. Incorporating the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology, customers will see a step change in performance, with faster speeds, lower latency and improved reliability”.

Families that already have a Vodafone mobile service and choose Vodafone Pro II Broadband can make further savings with Vodafone Together. Savings can amount to £380 a year and customers will also receive exclusive family-focused experiences, treats and discounts through Vodafone’s loyalty programme, VeryMe.

Customers looking to purchase Vodafone Pro II Broadband can do so by calling 191 from their Vodafone mobile, visiting one of our retail stores or going online.

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