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Vodafone UK launch 5G

At an event in London yesterday, Vodafone became the second network here in the UK to switch on their 5G services for customers and start the 5G battle after EE launched at the end of May.

There was a lot that was talked about and shown off, with a demonstration of the possibilities of a 5G Gigacube connecting the Wasps rugby team training room in Coventry to a connected suit at the event on a player who felt a tackle all the way from the training room, made possible by super low latency.

The company provided information on their 5G future and how the technology will improve in time and giving people a glimpse into what we can look forward too over the next few years.

The big shock came in the way Vodafone will handle data plans, now offering a range of UNLIMITED data offerings, each with a set market aimed at.

Vodafone Unlimited Lite gives customers access to unlimited data and super low latency that 5G brings, for a price of £23 a month customers get unlimited data with a speed of up to 2Mbps, great for anyone who uses for social media or emailing.

Vodafone Unlimited gives unlimited data with 10Mbps speeds for the price of £26 a month, this is for anyone who wants to watch videos on the move or download content on the move.

Finally there is Vodafone Unlimited Max, this top tier plan costs £30 a month, however gives the ultimate experience with unlimited data, and no speed restrictions. You also get Vodafone Global Roaming Plus for even more roaming locations around the world.

Anyone needing a 5G router has an option of purchasing a 5G Gigacube made by Huawei, this router offers unlimited data for £50 a month, and will be great for anyone in a non cable area or wants a portable home broadband service.

When it comes to roaming, Vodafone have promised 5G roaming will start in the summer in some selected markets, a world first and something they are very proud of.

Other key points were the introduction of a new converged plan called Vodafone Together and brings super fast Vodafone Max 5G data, and home broadband under a combined package for customers.

The other surprise came by a special guest who was given the honor of switching on the new network, Five-Time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who is also going to be the ambassador for the brand.

Vodafone Unlimited launches on 10th July and a massive new media campaign has been made ready to get maximum exposure in the press and on social media.

Vodafone to offer unlimited data and bring 5G to more places than any other network

July 3, 2019

  • Vodafone is switching on its 5G network and bringing 5G to more places than any other network.
  • 5G live in seven UK cities today; 27 cities in total across Europe. 5G roaming in four countries over the summer.
  • Unlimited mobile data plans from £23. No premium for 5G.
  • Unlimited combined mobile and broadband plans with Vodafone Together.
  • World first demonstration of the power of 5G to transmit touch using haptic technology.
  • Formula 1 Five-Time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, officially opened Vodafone’s new 5G service.
  • 5G smartphones and 5G wireless router available to buy now.

Vodafone has today launched its 5G network and will become the first company to offer unlimited data on both 5G and 4G with the launch of Vodafone Unlimited on the 10 July 2019. Vodafone will not charge a price premium for access to its 5G network and all unlimited SIMs are 5G ready.

The new unlimited data plans also extend to the new Vodafone Together service, which combines mobile and broadband in one bill. Vodafone also becomes the first UK provider to offer customers 5G roaming in four European countries in some of the most popular tourist and business locations over the summer, at no additional cost.

Vodafone UK Chief Executive Officer Nick Jeffery said: “5G will transform the way we live and work. Our customers are streaming over 50% more content today than they did last year, and with 5G the demand for data is only set to increase. That is why we want to remove the limits on data, so that customers can unlock the full potential of 5G, and we can really propel the UK into the digital age. By offering unlimited plans to our consumer and business customers, we will revolutionise the market. We will give customers all the data they need, when and where they want it.”

With 5G and Vodafone Unlimited, a user can have gaming on the go, high definition streaming on the sofa, uploading, downloading, vlogging, blogging, virtual reality, augmented reality, connected cars, cows and coffee machines – all with fast connectivity, low lag and no worries about your data limit.

Today’s switch-on was marked with the world’s first demonstration of the power of 5G to transmit touch using haptic technology. Two players from Wasps rugby team were able to run a training session despite being more than 100 miles apart. The impact of a rugby tackle made by Will Rowlands at the Ricoh stadium in Coventry was transferred via 5G to teammate Juan de Jongh on stage in London. Juan, in a specially developed haptic Teslasuit, was able to feel the force of the tackle in real-time thanks to Vodafone’s high speed and super low latency 5G. Vodafone recently announced a new sponsorship and technology deal with Wasps rugby and netball teams.

Formula 1 Five-Time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, officially opened Vodafone’s new 5G service.  As a British sporting icon, tech fan, gaming enthusiast, global roamer and someone synonymous with speed, Lewis was the natural choice to switch on the Vodafone 5G network.  He will act as a 5G ambassador for Vodafone, helping to bring to life the potential of 5G to be a real game-changer.

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