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Vodafone UK welcomes ASDA Mobile customers

ASDA not only offer great deals on your daily shopping needs, they have a MVNO mobile network too which many customers use as their provider of choice.

Until now the company have used EE as the network to provide the coverage and signal to it’s customers offering great 2G, 3G and 4G services at a low cost.

However things have all changed with ASDA switching to Vodafone to provide the coverage going forward which also brings some handy additional benefits.

Customers using ASDA on the new network will now have access to 5G coverage too as long as you have a compatible device and coverage in your area.

Customers will now also be able to opt into picking Unlimited Data if you are a heavy user and likes to use lots of data with no worries on limits or restrictions, something that is becoming very popular as data needs are as high as ever.

Also included will be 4G Calling which is also known as VoLTE and is where phone calls go over the 4G network, this adds benefits such as clearer quality calls as well as being able to use the internet at the same time as making a call.

All new customers will automatically use Vodafone and gain these benefits today, if you are an existing customer and want to make the switch in coverage then ASDA Mobile require you to do a SIM swap online or via calling Customer Services.

If you are not needing the advantages right away you can wait until everything is done automatically which is hoping to be by September 2021

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Vodafone UK welcomes ASDA Mobile customers

ASDA Mobile customers begin moving over to Vodafone’s leading UK mobile network this week, as part of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator agreement between the two companies.

Vodafone UK’s partnership with Asda Mobile, announced in autumn 2020, has now begun in earnest.

From 22 March 2021, new customers to Asda Mobile will automatically be connected to the Vodafone mobile network. In addition, Asda has started moving existing mobile customers over to Vodafone, with the process expected to be completed by mid-September 2021.

Asda Mobile is handling the transition for its customers as well as answering any queries they may have. Vodafone has supplied Asda Mobile with the systems and tools necessary to support customers in transferring their numbers, bills and balances as smoothly as possible.

Asda Mobile customers will not only benefit from Vodafone’s highly regarded 4G and 5G network, but can also take advantage of access to unlimited mobile data plans, high-quality 4G voice calls and ever-easier ways of managing their accounts online.

The commencement of Asda’s service on the Vodafone network is another significant step in the growth story for Vodafone’s Wholesale team. It follows the launch of Virgin Media’s service with Vodafone in January 2021, which has enabled Virgin Media mobile customers to take advantage of the ultra-fast speeds and robust reliability of Vodafone’s 5G network.

The news of the launch of Asda Mobile comes shortly after the announcement that Vodafone UK has acquired the rights to the latest tranche of spectrum needed for next-generation 5G services, a move that will benefit all users of Vodafone UK’s mobile network.

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