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Welcome Android 10, rolling out today!

Android 10 was announced a little while ago for beta users to be able to test out all the new features Google was bringing to their mobile operating system, Android Q as it was called then became Android 10 as it’s official name to the surprise of many.

The great news is the final release has started to roll out for Pixel owners right now, this is not the Beta version, but the fully baked latest version of Android 10.

Pixel owners should check for updates in their settings to get the latest version which will download straight to your phone and install without losing any data.

Android 10 brings a whole new feel to the OS with a new gesture like navigation system for quicker switching between apps, as well as an update to the Android branding, now for the first time featuring the Android head above.

We still await the net generation Pixel devices which are rumored to be announced in October and will bring more modern hardware and even better cameras than seen on the last generation Pixel phone.

So if you have a Pixel right now, get checking for the update!

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