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Whitestone Dome Pixel 2XL Install Video

The screen of your smartphone is something you look at every day, it is what you view your text messages on, your emails, use to take photos of that special moment or even just browse the internet.

Screens these days are so large and full of technology, replacing a damaged one is not always an easy task, also there is the huge cost usually involved.

A good screen protector can help you keep that screen covered and make your phone look new for as long as possible, some of them are cheap £1.99 off eBay, and at the other end comes the £40 WhiteStone Dome Glass.

Whilst some of you may be looking at the cost and think WHOA THATS EXPENSIVE! you are getting one of the best screen protectors on the market.

The reason WhiteStone offer the best option is their LOCA technology which is a special glue that holds the glass to the screen fully, leaving no air gaps or lifting.

The video above is an installation video on my Pixel 2XL

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