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WWDC21 starts June 7th Apple confirm

Apple have just confirmed that this year’s WWDC event will take place between the 7th June and 11th of June where we will get to see the latest Apple offer in software for all their devices.

The big news for most people will be on the 7th June where you will get to see iOS15 announced in Beta form including any changes in UI and features, as well as iPad OS and Mac OS also getting their latest versions of software.

These events are supposed to be for developers to get their hands on the latest software and to be able to test and update their applications so when the full release comes later in the year there is no issues or bugs, but in reality there are many non-developers who get their hands on the Beta software to give it a try and show off to family and friends.

Of course there will be Public Beta releases coming later on in the year before launch where anyone can signup and feed back any issues found should you want a more stable experience.

With Apple expected to announce some new hardware in April, it is doubtful that we will see any new hardware at WWDC, however never rule anything out.

Finally the logistics of the event, as with last year Apple are doing an online only event with pre-recorded content instead of the traditional in person events they used to have, this is of course due to the still ongoing COVID-19 worldwide situation.

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